Why TechnoSchools?

With technology finding its way to Edu-World, it has become imperative for educational institutions to use latest inventions and stay competitive. Better school administration and management necessitates versatile use of web. This laid foundation stone for the concept of School Management Software- TechnoSchools.

TechnoSchools is an inclusive school management /school administration software that is designed with a sole intention of supporting schools in effectively managing their school related operations and activities. It is a result of years of research on reducing the management efforts and maximizing efficiency of school management systems. When technology meets innovation- it is TechnoSchools. With the bunch of exceptional features it has, TechnoSchools has changed the way a school works and administers its day-to-day operations. In simple words, it has simplified the management efforts and emerged as a smart solution for e-age schools.

For Management

“Simplifying Management Efforts”

TechnoSchools software works as a personal assistant to school management and streamlines every administration activity at schools. It offers a convenient way to interact or communicate with your school community or others who are directly or indirectly a part of your school. It is an effective tool which can help you in managing information in the best way.

"TechnoSchools maximizes efficiency of daily work and reinforces cross-departmental association"

With TechnoSchools, it can just be easier for you to bring about a transformation in your school administration. It can easily help you to gain an insight into everything related to your school and that too without wasting your time on piles of records.

Highlights of Management Module

  • Student Management
  • Time table
  • Academic
  • Notes & assignments
  • Examinations
  • Fee management
  • Library management
  • Account management
  • Pay roll
  • Transport
  • Hostel
  • Staff/ faculty management

It can help you turn down the costs and can help you in getting information about anything as and when you require.

TechnoSchools is designed and developed with high focus on administration processes. This software can truly simplify all tasks related to the management and supports you bringing expected results. Get reports on anything (contextual information related to students or teachers or other staff members) and make smarter decisions.

For Parents

“A complete solution to track your children performance”

TechnoSchools software facilitates the parents to know everything about their children. It perfectly improves communication between teachers and the management. "Parent Module" is crafted with strong emphasis on what parents can expect or what they look for. Parents who didn’t have time to visit school and check their children’s studies, but still concerned about their child performance would always love to do all these online.

Techno Schools has a separate account maintained for parents. Logging into their account, parents can view reports on attendance of their child, performance at studies or in co-curricular activities etc. They can take a look at the timetable, schedule of the week, reports on tests, exams etc.

In short, this module work as a bridge between parents and the school. Parents can always be in touch with teachers too. Some of the benefits of TechnoSchools for parents are:

  • Continual communication with teachers
  • Active participation in school activities
  • Real-time update on children’s attendance, fee payment and progress report
  • Checking of homework given to the child by teachers
  • Early intimation about the school holidays and events
  • Systematic and instant school updates from discussion forums, articles, messaging system and image gallery

TechnoSchools system assists parents to get every minute detail of their child from anywhere. In addition, parents can receive updates on school events, holidays, parent meeting and soon, this making it easier for them to stay connected with the teachers or the school authorities easily and effectively.

For Teachers

“Maximizing teacher performance”

Pressure to get good grades in school is not only the concern for students but also for teachers. To make the students perform better, teachers attempt every possible way and practices. Teachers work hard to identify best practices to support struggling students and to bring our more from best performing students. They constantly need to collect huge loads of operational data, reports submitted by students, communicate and collaborate with parents, faculty, students and school management.

TechnoSchools software gives a secure access to the teachers for powerful tools which help them to schedule and teach classes better, capture key operational data, communicate and collaborate well and submit reports to the school management.

TechnoSchools software offers a range of benefits to teachers as well:-

  • Computerized student attendance management
  • Online marks and grades estimation
  • Online timetable creation
  • Assigning homework to the students and submissions
  • Able to allocate more time for students
  • Effective communication with the parents
  • Access to common forum for parents and teachers
  • Better management of school operations
  • Access to own as well as students attendance

Teachers can log into their account and get the most updated reports on students' attendance, their performance etc. They can get in touch with the parents too. It helps teachers in reducing their workload. They can get real-time visibility in data related to each and every student they teach. It allows teachers to be ready with future plans for the students too.

For Students

“Empowering students with TechnoSchools”

To succeed in academics, students need to keep track of schedules and manage assignments, course plans, due dates, tests as well as course content that are allocated to them for all courses. The report cards help students to understand how efficiently they managed workload and given tests, but more often delay problem addressing process.

TechnoSchools software enables students to proactively check all their assignments, due dates, class notes and school events. In addition, it allows them to constantly monitor their educational performance so that they need not to wait till they achieve a poor grade on the report card.

Students are the ones who get most out of TechnoSchools- the school management system. Few of the key advantages includes:-

  • Improved communication with peers, teachers and parents
  • Submission of homework online
  • Access to timetable, grades, attendance, marks and examination schedule
  • Freedom to post articles and views & take part in discussion forums
  • Liberty to browse any library books and find the issued books
  • Information on the holidays and school’s upcoming events in advance
  • Monitor and track self-progress
  • A collaborative tool between student and teacher

TechnoSchools is packed with a plenty of features which can ease up communication between students, teachers, parents, other staff members, administrators etc.

  • Web-based Software
  • Web-based Software - It is a completely web-based software, so there is no need to install anything separately.
  • Access to logging in
  • Access to logging in - Our software comes with multiple logins- Students, parents, teachers, and admin. However, Admin has complete control over everything.
  • Customization
  • Customization - It is highly customizable (new features or functionality can be added without any trouble).
  • User-friendliness
  • User-friendliness - It is exceptionally user-friendly and requires no expertise. Even a common person with a little knowledge in computers can use it easily.
  • Data security
  • Data security - Upload the data with no tension at all. Data is always safe and secure.
  • Use of server
  • Use of server - Use your own server or your our hosted server as per your choice.
  • 24/7 support services
  • 24/7 support services - Get in touch with us to receive support services anytime you want.
  • Inter and intra management activities
  • Inter and intra management activities - Use our software for your school(s) and manage everything from one place at your convenient time.

Our video tour on TechnoSchools features

TechnoSchools is truly made focusing more on needs of schools which are looking for perfection in management or administration.

Just because of its own exclusive features, TechnoSchools is liked and used by thousands of schools. It is designed and developed in such a way that it covers everything which comes under the sphere of management or administration at schools.