Frequently Asked Questions

TechnoSchools is suitable for which type of schools?
TechnoSchools is suitable for all schools. No matter whether you are running a small school or a big school or a chain of schools, you can use TechnoSchools. Not just this, it suits colleges or other educational institutions too where there is a necessity of proper management of everything.
How TechnoSchools is different from other school management software present in the market?
TechnoSchools is one of its kind. It has been designed and developed after years and years of research on problems commonly faced by schools across the globe. TechnoSchools is a universal school management software which can just be suitable for any school anywhere in the world.
What do you mean by web-based software, is this available just online?
Well, our TechnoSchools is an online software. When we say it is web-based then it means it is online.
Do you have offline version of the software too or just computer-based software?
Well, please, contact us.
What about the hosting server?
TechnoSchools is an online software and we host this in our server.
I would like to use my own server, will you install in my server?
Well, we can do that. Please, get in touch with us to get more details about the same.
What about Data Security?
Your data is 100% secured. You will have to be worried over anything. Data can never be lost or pried on by anyone.
Is there any data backup facility?

Yes, there is data backup facility too. Customers can retrieve their data with no difficulty at all.

I like TechnoSchools but still there are a few more features which i am looking for, what shall I do?

Please, get in touch with us. Our software is highly customizable. Anything can be added or deleted anytime.

What is the mode of payment?

You can pay online. You can pay through debit card, credit card etc. You can pay by bank-to-bank transfer as well. Just talk to our sales executive to know more about payment options.

Can I export data from the software?

Yes, you have that option.

Can I import existing data into your school software?

Well, you can. There will be no problem at all.

Is training provided on how to use TechnoSchools?

Yes, training is provided (Our manuals would just be enough for anyone to understand everything about the software but still we provide one-on-one training to help our customers….).

Do you provide support services?

Yes, we do. We provide support services any time you need. We support our clients through email, chat, phone call etc.

What are the benefits of TechnoSchools?

TechnoSchools is of great use to everyone. It is for everyone. It is for administrators, teachers, parents, students, other staff members etc. There are modules in the software which will help everyone to a great extent. Please, refer to our page on FEATURES to know more about our software.

Tell me something about the technology behind this software?

TechnoSchools is a software which is being designed and developed by experts. The technology used is ASP.Net, SQL Server and DevExpress Controls.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden charges. You will have to just make the payment once and we will not ask you for the payment next time. However, there can be annual maintenance charges which you will have to give as per the bond signed.

Can I use resell this software?

Please, refer our web page on RESELLER. Please, contact us to know more about it.

Can I have the option to upgrade from one package to other package once I bought the software?

Yes, you can upgrade your software anytime you would like to.

Is there a trial version for your TechnoSchools?

We have a demo version, present here on the website. We have a video which can let you peek into the features of our software. We may provide trial version too. Please, contact us to know more about the same……..

How long can I use your software?

Well, you can use our TechnoSchools School Management Software as long as you would like to with no trouble at all. You will have to just renew your package by making the payment online everyone.

Do you refund money if I do not like your software?

Well, you will certainly like our software. It never has happened with us. We have satisfied clients…..